We are incredibly excited to announce an AMAZING change to Poptop that will redefine the events industry. Today, we are officially announcing a new feature to our website: “Instant Quote”.

Instant Quote” is a new system that will enable clients the ability to book your event services instantly – without any waiting time for a quote to be submitted. At Poptop, we are always improving our service and we are extremely confident that this change will help you, our suppliers, reach new booking records.

Throughout this article, we are going to describe in detail how Instant Quote will benefit you, when this feature will be implemented, and why we have decided to make this change.

What Is Changing?

We are changing the way we present quotes and how we advertise our suppliers to potential clients. Our current system means that clients can request a quote for your services, for any type of event, through our catalogue. As you are aware, this current method can lead to clients requesting quotes for services that you may not offer, hours (sometimes days!) of waiting for a response and quite often not hearing back at all.

“We are changing the way we present quotes and how we advertise our suppliers to potential clients”.

Going forward with the new system of instant quotes, once a client has submitted their event details, we will advertise supplier packages and services based on event requirements. This means that clients will be able to clearly view: what is included in your packages, how much it costs and the benefits of booking with your company. This also ensures that we will only be offering packages that are within required price range, mile range and guest limit.

Clients will also have an option to ‘add on’ extra services that you offer and will also be able to calculate their own quote and price instantly. This will be based on the varied prices that you input into your instant quote form. A huge benefit here is that you will now be receiving booking requests for clients who are only interested in YOUR distinct services and comply with predefined requirements (for example, no weddings).

Why Are We Making This Change?

The answer is simple, we know that this system will hugely benefit both suppliers and clients. Suppliers will not have to submit quotes repeatedly and clients will not have to wait for quotes to book. We do realise that for most suppliers spending hours submitting quotes, with sometimes little or no response from a client, can be frustrating and inefficient. Offering an instant quote to clients will mean less time-consuming admin for you. This means more focus can be given on providing exceptional service for the exact packages and services you specialise in.

Over the last year, we have conducted 1000’s of client interviews and the feedback from them has been very clear – “We wish we could receive quotes quicker, as I want to book now”.

As a company, we want to be a game changer and, along with that, we want to reward our hard working suppliers. Therefore, we know that once Instant Quote is released, this service will be a godsend for our clients and a great asset for our suppliers. Ultimately, this will result in MORE BOOKINGS!

Also, let’s face it, the events industry needs this change! We are 100% confident that we are going to be the first event planning marketplace to make this happen. We are also passionate that this will bring huge benefits to all of our suppliers. In today’s modern world, we envision the Instant Quote option being used on many other websites, such as AirBnB, Booking.com and Tripadvisor. Poptop strive to be the top online events planning platform, so we see ourselves as being in line with these companies within the next few years of development.

How Will Instant Quote Work?

We know you may be thinking, “How can you possibly send an accurate quote on my behalf?”

This is a good question, as we understand that this is a huge change and that you may feel nervous about Instant Quote being introduced. So, for this reason, we have been working relentlessly over the last 12 months perfecting our supplier’s Instant Quote Form.

The Instant Quote Form is designed specifically for you to enter all of the details of the packages you offer. This includes as many different price variables as possible. Already, we have collected over 300 individual packages from suppliers who have added these to their own Instant Quote Forms. These supplier’s have been AMAZED at how much detail we have put into these forms. The many different price variables we have included are as follows:

  • The base price of your package – including per event, per hour or per person
  • Max/Min amount of hours your package is available for
  • Max/Min amount of guests your package is available for
  • Extra services that are available for a client
  • Set different prices for specific days, months and dates
  • Set different prices for different types of events
  • Set your travel expenses
  • Set your fixed deposit percentage

With this information, clients will then be able to instantly book the packages you offer based on all the variables you have added. Of course, no booking will ever be confirmed without your confirmation beforehand. YOU are still in control of all your bookings, and all prices that clients will be receiving instantly.

When Will This Be Released?

We are ecstatic to announce that, as of TODAY, suppliers can now create their own packages on the Instant Quote section of their profile.

However, clients will not be able to book via Instant Quote until the start of June. Meanwhile, we will keep fixing potential bugs and implement improvements based on the feedback you provide. We also want to give you as much notice as possible in advance, so that you can prepare yourself for the release. We recommend that you start exploring the feature ASAP and put as much detail into your instant quote form as possible. The more detail and packages that you add now will only benefit in you receiving more bookings with us in the future.

Suppliers will still be able to work with the old system by submitting a quote manually, but we are confident that by the end of this year 90% of Poptop’s bookings will come through Instant Quote. So, please, do not fall behind your competitors and help us help you get bookings by filling in your Instant Quote Forms ASAP. We will also keep working hard to improve Instant Quote Forms in response to the feedback of Poptop suppliers, so, please, let us know what do you think!

Remember: All instant quotes that clients receive will be based on the price variables that you set. Please add as much detail as possible to your forms, so that we can assure clients will be getting the correct prices when booking your packages. We are confident that, once you have filled in your Instant Quote Form, you will be taken back by how much of a difference Instant Quotes will make to your bookings.

We hope that, once you begin this process, you will be able to see just how much work and research we have put into this new feature.

Follow this link to your “Quote Settings” tab to see how Instant Quotes work and start adding your packages now!


Q. Will my suppliers profile still be active and visible to clients?

A. Yes, your supplier’s profile will be linked with all the packages you provide. Clients will still be able to see all your reviews, photos and media.

Q. How will my this work if I am a PRO or GOLD supplier on Poptop? 

A. If you are a PRO/GOLD supplier instant quote will have even more benefits for you. We will advertise every package you have higher in the catalogue. For example, if you are a caterer and have “BBQ package” and “private chef” both packages will rank high in the catalogue, and not just your supplier’s profile.

Q. Can I upload my calendar so clients can see if I am available to book?

A. Yes, we are extremely excited about this point. Suppliers will be able to integrate their google cal and ical calendars to Poptop. For example, if you are booked on the 12th of December, we will show that you are not available. This is not part of the form yet but will be added very soon. Once we have this implemented, we will be providing more details on this.

Q. What happens if a client books me for the wrong price?

A. If this is the case, there will be the option that you can re-submit a new quote. Although, we are confident that quotes will be submitted correctly instantly. Also, if a client books the package and you simply cannot do this booking, the booking can be cancelled. We will always need your confirmation before a booking is confirmed.

Q. How will I know when this will be live?

A. We will be keeping suppliers up to date every step of the way with emails and articles. We will also be releasing articles on how to produce the perfect package. Any questions relating to Instant Quote, we want you to get in touch.

Q. Will the old system still be supported? I can provide just tailored/bespoke quotes?

A. Yes, we will still be running the old system where you can quote for an event. We will be rolling out instant quote slowly and in stages. Although, we are confident that by the end of the year 90% of our bookings will be coming from instant quote.

Q. How do I know how the price was calculated?

A. When a quote is submitted via instant quote we will be showing you a breakdown of the cost.

Q. Can I see how these packages will look like?

A. Yes, once you fill in all your information on your instant quote form, you will be able to see how the package will look like. There is a section on the form called “preview” where you can see how the package looks like, and how it will be visually for the client (its still in BETA mode though and gets updated on a weekly basis). You can also calculate up your package based on the price variables you add.

Q. Can I negotiate with a client when they are interested in a package?

A. You will still be able to message back and forth with the client using the Poptop system or directly if you are on our GOLD/PRO package. This can be done prior or post booking. The client can still ask direct questions before booking if they have any queries regarding your package.

Q. Where is the quote template feature and will Instant Quote replace them?

A. Quote templates have been deactivated on the platform at the moment. We want you to go and add your instant quote details and get ready for the release. We will be bringing back quote templates where you will be able to edit them. For the time being, you can still select a quote template when submitting a quote directly to a client. You just can not edit them at the moment.

Q. How/Were can I find my Instant Quote form?

A. Please follow the links we have provided in this article. There will be a section on your dashboard named “Quote Settings”. You will be able to update your Instant Quote from here and add all your different packages.

Finally, we really want to hear your feedback on our new change and the forms we have created. We advise to go add your instant quote packages and provide as much feedback as possible, as we will always adapt and listen to our suppliers. Please, send your comments to our supplier support managers at james@poptop.uk.com or jacob@poptop.uk.com.


    • james o'reilly Reply

      Hi Chrissie,

      I see you have still not added any packages to your instant quote form. I advise adding them ASAP.

    • james o'reilly Reply

      Hi Craig,

      Hope your well. Can you please let me know your email so I can have a look at the packages you have updated. Is this when you are uploading images to your Intant Quote packages, or when submitting quotes to a client?

      Cheers James

  1. Hi James

    Your instant quote system wont work for us as it wont be able to check our availability. Also, the reduced window for the quote details is very annoying, can you revert back to the larger window?

    • james o'reilly Reply

      Hi Martin,

      Hope your well. We are working at the moment at including the calendar feature to the instant quote form. This way, you will be able to add when you are booked. Suppliers will also be able to integrate there good calendar and ical. Do you use any of these calendars?

      Also, the reduced widow for the quote details, I am not 100% sure what is meant here?

      Cheers James

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  4. Lovely idea! But is there any way to turn instant bookings off? It’s great that potential clients can get a quote instantly, but I’m in the process of living between 2 houses of opposite sides of the country, and waking up to an instant booking on the other side of the country is quite daunting! Is there a way to turn this option off?

  5. Great way of getting more enquiries to my company, let’s hope this can generate more business for my disco company

  6. Hi wondering if the limit for word count could be increased in the discription

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