Do you want to get more from your Poptop experience and generate more bookings? As a response to many requests from our suppliers, we’ve implemented two new memberships in addition to the free one (applied to all suppliers by default): Pro & Gold.

If you’d like to have more exposure, be more active with clients and generate more bookings – here are 5 reasons why you should consider switching to the new membership plan:

  1.      Improved ranking

Pro and Gold members are getting improved ranking (this can be combined with verified profile badges) Your listing will become higher in the catalogue and more visible to clients.

  1.      Badges are helping your listing to stand out

Pro & Gold Members are getting special badges assigned to their listings.

  1.      See client’s phone number after the quote was submitted

Need to give a follow-up or remind about an offer? Consider paid plans to be able to be more active with your sales. You will have the opportunity to give the client a call to discuss the event in detail.

  1.      Priority for leads

If you are able to handle more bookings and you have some free dates left, with the paid membership plan you will get priority for all incoming leads within 60 miles (Pro) or UK wide (Gold).

  1.      Dedicated support

Good customer service is our priority, no matter which plan you are using. With Pro & Gold plans you will be getting priority in the queue for support and a dedicated phone contact.

Upgrade your membership here 


Is Membership subscription fee charged automatically?

Yes, if you’d like to cancel your membership you need to log in and cancel it at least 1 day before the next payment period.

Do I need to pay a booking fee as a Pro/Gold member?

Yes, all suppliers are required to pay a booking fee from confirmed and paid bookings.

When can I see the client’s contact details?

After you subscribe to Pro/Gold plan you can see client’s phone number after you submit a formal quote via Poptop. You can see a number on the conversation page – see event information card.

When will I get an improved ranking?

You will get Gold or Pro badge straight after the subscription to one of the plans, but an update of your ranking can take up to 2-3 days.

Can my membership be removed from my listing?

Yes, if you violate our Ts & Cs and ask a client to bypass the system or book you directly. In that case, your membership may be removed without any refund, your listing suspended and any future bookings canceled.